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Kindly shared by Mike Waplington

While sorting out a bookcase today I came across a pristine cricket scorebook with only one match recorded in it. It was a match between East Midlands RHO, where I was a fresh faced 24 year old Security Clerk, and Burton upon Trent played on 9 August 1983.

Burton won by 3 wickets in the last over of this 15 x 8 ball overs match. The old game that became T20!!

Many people I had the pleasure of working with along the years.

RHO - Bennett (66 NO), Lord, Culpan, Bright, Waplington, Brewin, Rowland, Armitage, Penny, Chick and Borrett.

Burton - Bull, Bridgwood, Fairbrother, Baker, Armishaw (70 NO), Drinkwater, Peyton, Keable, Stokes, Holmes and Griffiths.

Those were the days!!

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