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Kindly shared by Steve Smith

Memories of that very first day at Westminster Area Office in 1981.

I still have my office pass. 34 years out of date. Must get it renewed!

At the risk of being boring, I can still remember a lot of the people on that first day.

Please help me complete the duties list.

Sitting in Securities

Me, Paul Le Vesconte, Bryan Green, Phyl Warner, Jock Bucke, Rob Reynolds, Phil Dunhill, the 3 lovely typists Annette Le Vesconte, Geraldine Rance, Jenny Hayter.

Glancing over to the Managers Clerks

Keith Murrell, John Metcalf, Jerry Goodyer, Colin Care, Pravin Patel.

Through to the Managers Area

Derek Sinstead, John Lander, Tony Bullen plus 2 others? Edwina Mullahy, Karen Macdonald, Sue Johnson.

Around to Foreign

I'm a bit hazy here. Peter Wells, Christine Wainwright, Mary Conoulty, Bob Pockneall.

Up to Admin

Tony Sparrow, Adrian Rabbitts, John Salisbury and Tony Dennis.

Any names bring back memories ?

Have to leave it now my wife has just reminded me I need to get out more!

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