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Kindly shared by Raquia Khokar

Dear All,

I’m so happy to meet my friends who were working with me in Credit Clearing Department at Mariner House.

Pauline Riley, Lesley Donaghy, Janice Dean and Jaya N’Shashi Sonigra after 34 years I met them I was visiting back home London in September & October 2023.

We had a great time and delicious lunch with all the memories we can shared about our time together at work .

I am regular coming to London but all that years never got chance to visit but after 34 years went to see the Mariner house it was a big surprise for me there was Double Tree by Hilton Hotel situated front of me no Mariner house and Midland House any more I feel very unhappy but glad I met my friends again after long time I’m very appreciative to them they came to meet me thanks to Pauline who arranged everything thank you so much for coming my dearest friends lots of love!

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