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Kindly shared by Patrick Florence


Unfortunately, I have sad news regarding a much valued colleague Angie Bourne.

Angie’s brother Keith got in touch to advise that over the last 2 years she has developed Alzheimer’s Dementure. This has deteriorated to the extent that Angie has moved into a care home environment albeit with a degree of independent living.

Apparently she is unable to use e mail or the internet and inevitably, short term memory loss has become a key issue. I know that her close friends in Birmingham keep in regular contact but Keith asked me to disseminate the news via this and one or 2 other Bank related groups.

Angie was a stalwart of Midland Bank’s International Division and subsequently HSBC Trade Services. I worked with her off and on going back to the 70’s and her professional reputation was much admired by both colleagues and customers alike.

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