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Kindly shared by Carol Thorn

Bedford High Street around 1981 .

The Manager was T J Mulinder who unfortunately died last year.

Several names I remember in no particular order - Jeanette McKay, Frances Ashley-Carter, Belinda Goodwin, Sue Campbell, Roy Simmonds, Jackie Spalis, Paula Stapleton, Alan Johnson, Mike Aldridge, Ronnie Bridge, Liz Soaft, Lyn Horwood, Claire Denbow, Harry Harrison, John Weaver, Joanne Wildman, Ruth Addington.

I am completely hidden behind Jeanette. Fred the messenger is there and also nearly hidden is Ray Newton.

I'm sorry if I haven't named you but it was nearly 40 years ago!

I retired from the Bank 4 years ago and now volunteer with the Police also spending my time looking after 2 granddaughters!


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