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Kindly shared by Andrew Riley

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Midland Mondex Card.

This was an electronic purse card trialed in Swindon, a couple of Universities and staff at Lower Thames Street.

While the card was popular with some it was clumsy. You had to upload money onto the card via an ATM. To carry out a transaction you put your card into either the top or bottom of the unit that looks like a calculator and the person you were transacting with put their card into the other slot.

Push a couple of buttons and the transaction was completed (money transferred from one card to another). You also got a key ring reader so that you could check the balance on your card.

After a couple of years of trials the system was acquired by Mastercard and the technology assimilated into their smart card technology.

Other than load £10 onto the card, which I doubt I will ever get back, I never used it.

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