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Elizabeth Vagianos R.I.P - 14 August 2000

Updated: Aug 31, 2021


14 AUGUST 2021

21 years ago today, we very sadly lost the beautiful and vivacious Elizabeth Vagianos.

I didn’t know her very well (as a new management trainee at the time) however I have since met and married her twin brother (through HSBC connections of course!).

She is greatly missed now as ever and is loved beyond measure.

It would be great if anyone has any photographs of Liz or stories they would like to share.

It’d be lovely to be able to pass these on to her awesome son who turned 21 yesterday to share a little more of this side of her life with him.

Many thanks in advance!

Liz was initially based in Leeds before moving back to the Wirral (Hoylake and West Kirby branch manager).

Photo credit Ann Howorth

Gary Howorth Ann Howorth Lynn Johnson Debbie Friar


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