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Appreciating the service of Wendy Smith

I worked at Holborn Circus Branch from 1973 to 1977.

Names I remember from those days were:-

Arthur Syrett and Stuart Stallworthy were the Accountants.

Mr Richardson was Chief Accountant.

Mr Yardley, Ron one of the messengers.

Also Noella Riley, Beverley Chambers, Alice Buntin, Ces Leonard, Cathy Monday,

Cathy Humphries, Sheila ?, Elaine ?, Roz,

Loob (Never knew her real name)

Dave Jeans(the money market man)

Vicky Rider (we still exchange Christmas cards)

Guilio Teoli (I’m friends with his wife).

I could go on, it was a big branch!

Nice to hear if there is any of them on here, or anyone that remembers me, my surname then was Paragreen.


Newsletter 29

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