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Appreciating the service of Sue Fox

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

On 11 November 1987 a fresh faced 18 year old full of passion and energy, walked into their local branch of Midland Bank to start their first day of ‘grown up’ work.

Today, 34 (and a bit) years later a not so fresh faced 52 year old is embarking on their last day with HSBC following an incredibly exciting and varied career.

The 18 year old me had no idea or intention to be with the company for so long but when HSBC acquired Midland Bank back in 1992 I instinctively knew that would open up a ‘World of Opportunity’ and I undertook to grasp every chance to grow and develop that came my way.

I have had the good fortune to work all over the UK, in New York City and have travelled all over the world to support our operations globally. My last 2 roles – CEO M&S Bank and CEO HSBC Channel Islands and Isle of Man, gave me the opportunity to consolidate all I had learned over the years to lead the growth and transformation of those businesses.

Throughout my career I invested time in helping others fulfil their potential, navigate the organisation and overcome obstacles. I have sought to nurture an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe and secure to be their best authentic selves. If just one person feels I have made a positive difference to them I can retire happy ! I feel extremely lucky and thankful.

I’m honoured to have served our customers over the years and privileged to have worked alongside so many fantastic colleagues, many of whom will remain lifelong friends.

So now on to the next chapter. All of that passion and energy I gave to my work life will be focussed firmly on my friends and family – particularly my young son Sam – I just hope they can cope.

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