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Appreciating the service of Richard Jordan

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

23 August 1976

Well, 45 years ago today, a young handsome good-looking 16 year old stood outside the front door of Chadwell Heath branch in his Hepworth's 3 piece suit, having spent 4 days the previous week at the training branch above Chancery Lane branch.

At my interview I was asked if there was anywhere in particular I wanted to work and I had asked if I could work at a branch on the Liverpool Street line as at the time I lived in Ingatestone.

I was the remittance clerk. I had to deal with the waste, and stamp/Frank the paying in books, order replacement cheque books when a customer collected the spare in-branch, and had responsibility for the branch stationery, which was housed up on the top floor, the same level as the Bank flat that was rented out to a member of staff who worked at Chadwell Heath (No excuses for being late).

My memory for names is bad but I think the manager was Ron Marshall, the accountant was Peter something who drove a red sports car, and I know the securities clerk was Peter Pickford.

Some years later I was manager of a team which included Peter's son Paul.