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Appreciating the service of Nigel Ayers

After just over 42.5Y, I've finally switched off my laptop, handed back my phone, and now start the next chapter of my life.

Throughout my career, I have met some lovely people and carry with me great memories. Firing paper pellets at plants to dislodge leaves from succulent plants in the remittance room whilst at Mansfield branch; slurping contests over the phone with Ian Parkin whilst we were at the sub branches of Bolsover and New Ollerton; driving up the M1 to Rotherham branch and passing convoys of heavily protected police vehicles at the time of the miners strike in the 80s; living in Rawmarsh in Rotherham in a grubby 1 bed flat and not washing my bed linen for a year!; Also, calling my mum on Day 1 whilst in my flat and asking why my potato wasn't cooking despite continually being topped up with water, only to be asked whether I had cut the baking sized potato up into smaller pieces (yup, you guessed it!); the excitement of coming back from holiday to find I had completed my ACIB exams by passing the last 4 subjects in one sitting; the thrill of successfully applying for my first managerial role as Head of Securities, Harlow; the warmth of welcome I received at Harlow and the wide social life there which included taking up golf and going away for golfing weekends; becoming Branch Manager Hoddesdon for the first time - the team there were soooo nice; joining Credit in 2004 - a time of a national restructuring where we were all placed in a potentially redundant position.

I will forever be grateful to Phil Mumby for calling me to enquire whether I had considered Credit at 8CS. I hadn't, but am soooo glad I made the move. I joined an incredible team - Russell Fletcher, Chris Rowland, Tara Poppett, Beverly Rendle, Mike Rigby, Tim Stephens, Mike Smith. Absolutely the best time ever - that bloody gnome and its numerous visits to my home in Hatfield Heath!, socials in London where my beer bottle would continually get tapped by Chris Rowland and beer spill all over my shoes, the infamous 3 fake speeding tickets as a result of a late dash to the airport to start our Turkish family holiday, calling Thames Valley police only to be connected to the London Sperm Bank! - the list goes on!

My career started on the 6th Aug 1979 at my home town of Mansfield. Further appointments at Alfreton. Rotherham, Market Place Sheffield and Sheffield Area Office followed. I moved "down South" in 1987 to Harlow for my first managerial role. Other roles inc Area Credit Review Manager, Enterprise Manager, Branch Manager roles at Hoddesdon (x2,) and Bishop's Stortford, Business Banking Manager and Corporate Manager before joining Credit in 8CS. I finish my career as a Senior Risk Manager in HBUK.

It was during my time at Harlow that I met my wife, Lynn, during a Credit Review at Epping. A striking red suit caught my eye, as well as her stunning looks, long blond hair and a pretty short mini skirt! We married in 1996 and have 2 beautiful children, Lauren 23 and Matthew 19.

Time to bring this note to and end. Well, as my career ends, another chapter starts. The Bank isn't the same anymore, in my opinion at least, but I'm not going to go out on a negative. I've collected some incredible memories along the way and met some really nice people.

I will NEVER forget these. Time now for "me time". Golf, travel, long weekends are on the agenda. Our rescue black lab, Harley will also be a beneficiary!

To those that know me, thank you.

Best wishes.

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