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Appreciating the service of Michelle Taylor

After 24 years service I was made redundant in 2007 from Bristol D.S.C.

My worst decision was to leave a branch and go into a cheque processing centre!

Anyway there is life after the bank and again today I still share my experience and knowledge with my colleagues in my new workplace.

I have returned to cashiering for a company and balance lots of invoices with the cash and really love my job.

This so takes me back to the rem desk and getting great satisfaction of balancing the credits with the debits first time and calling it a shooter.

Anyone else use to get excited by this too? Used to make my day.

Well today took me back there when a colleague brought some invoices back to me and said these don't appear to balance I'm £18 out and can't find it. I straight away said its a reversion and She looked at me like I had come from Mars.

I said it will be where two numbers have been reversed because anything divisible by £9 is a reversion. She disappeared and came back smiling saying she had found it in her inputting and quite correctly it was a reversion.

She was well impressed and I'm sure will remember that the same as me for the last 30 years.

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