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Appreciating the service of Michelle Hey

10 August 1992

30yrs ago today I walked into our firstdirect brand in Leeds to start my career having failed in my childhood dream to become an Air Traffic Controller (apparently not too hot on speed/distance calculations!!)

Fast forward 30yrs…..18yrs at firstdirect, 12yrs at HSBC and numerous roles across Retail Banking, Operations, Technology and Real Estate.

I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, experience different cultures and meet so many unbelievably amazing people.

I often get asked whats kept you here?

For me it’s simple…. the colleagues I have met and worked with throughout the years alongside the amazing opportunities I have been presented with. I have formed life long friendships with people who have been with me through both personal and professional milestones in addition to the many ups and downs that life throws you along the way.

I will be forever grateful to firstdirect and HSBC for being a huge part of my life but even more so for enabling me to first and foremost be a working mum who never in a million years, when she walked through the door at firstdirect in Leeds, thought 30yrs on she’d be leading such an awesome Global Real Estate team.

Thank you all for making my journey unforgettable….you know who you are.

Celebrating my work anniversary. Feeling thankful for this #workmilestone #thankyou #grateful #hsbc #firstdirect #30years



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