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Appreciating the service of Debbie Hagley

45 years

In 1978 I joined the Midland

As a 16 year old girl

Having thought of no other options

I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Wimbledon was my first branch

And then moved to Thames Ditton

I had my baby Charlotte

And left as I was smitten.

Along came Sophie one year later

And an offer came to me

To join Chessington Branch

Back at HSBC.

After that the relief team

I really loved that role

Going to different branches

In and out I’d stroll.

Then I was made redundant

A sad day for us all

So off I went to Epsom

And life was just a ball.

Then I went back on relief

As the job was needed badly

And just as quickly as it started

It disbanded very sadly.

Ewell branch was the next stop

And there I wanted to stay

As I knew most of the customers

And I only lived 5 minutes away.

I went to Sutton for a while

But spent most of my time at Cheam

I then joined Worcester park branch

And that job was just a dream.

After that we made the move

To go to pastures new

New Milton was my last branch

And oh how I loved you. xx

I’ve met some fantastic people

In my long career

Friends that will last forever

I’ll always hold them dear.

Friends that I’m their children’s godmum

And they are that to mine

I am so lucky that I’ve met them

Life has been just fine!!

Adrema plates and cheque book drawers

The changes have been so many

Safe custody binders and ledger saws

Gift cheques and plastic money.

Thank you to all the friends

That I’ve worked with over the years

As my last day at work looms near

Im sure there will be some tears.

But now it’s time for pastures new

I’ve had a great long run

So I hand my pass and keys back

It’s time to have some fun.

What shall one do in retirement I say

Cash in my pension and blow it!!

Or I always could pick up my pen

And try hard to become a poet.

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