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Appreciating the service of Carol Weston

I worked for Midland Bank at Manningham Bradford 1976 to 1981, where I made many friends with whom I am still friends with now.

I then went to the operations centre in 1981 on the euroway trading estate by the M606 on outskirts of Bradford.

Downstairs they processed the remittances and upstairs we processed standing orders/direct debits, open and closed accounts, ordered the cash cards and cheque cards. There was a typing pool too.

We supported the branches in Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax and Wakefield and surrounding areas. I worked there until 1985.

After 5 years at home with children, I returned in 1990 to the DSC which again was on same industrial estate by the M606 but a different building.

I worked evenings where we processed the cheques from across the branches in North East of England. During my time there, I undertook various roles during the evenings until 1998.

I left due to family commitments and worked for NHS until 2019.

Now retired.

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