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John Ryder

I was Regional Marketing Assistant after University Branch and what fun times we had with Marketing in Sheffield and the then PR&A Dept.

I had a Midland Bank mug commissioned, which came from a sponsorship of a school bank in conjunction with Liverpool City Council. The budget was £5,000 which was a lot of money in 80/81. Liverpool City Council tried to play us off with Barclays who were the bankers to the Council. They informed both of us that the monies did not include vat.

My Regional Director Ian Patterson ( a great man who was destined for the top until he was sent to Northern Ireland and who was also in the TA). We got the mugs printed with the Midland Logo and also “Come and Talk to the Listening Bank slogan.

I took one up to his office and he said “Send one to Stuart Graham”

Well I went upto his office and stole a compliments slip. I typed on the slip “I drink my coffee in this mug”

A few days later Mr Patterson got a letter from him. It was on the lines of “Thank you for the gift, and what a nice change not to have serious letters received. Whilst I don’t think I will be able to use it here on the 6th Floor it will take pride and place in our kitchen at home.

At our regional marketing conference in Sheffield I presented one to Anne Bradford Head of PR&A with a copy of the letter from Stuart Graham that endorsed the product!!. All I got was who authorised the artwork, the “Y” in listening bank was 1mm too long. I had just used some of their artwork from another project.

Its stories like this that bring back fondest memories.

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