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Bal Nanray


29 FEBRUARY 2020

On 28th August 1979, I walked into Midland Bank, 40 years ago for an interview and was offered the job on the spot, no references and they said you can bring your exam certificates in later!

*Aug 1979- July 1982 - Clerk, Clearing Department Mariner House & Coopers Row (manual cheques/Access Bill Encoding/town clearing at St Martins Lane)

*Aug 1982- May 1989 - Senior Clerk, Head Office Poultry and Princes Street.
Cashiering/ Draft Reconciliations/EFT codewords.

* Jun 1989 - April 1992 Supervisor Midland Private Banking, Stanhope Mayfair, Cashiering/ Fixed Deposit Account Opening/ Dealing/ Transaction Processing and various other tasks!

* May 1992 - May 1996 Manager (1st appointment M93), HSBC Investment Bank, Hill St Mayfair - Managing a team of 6 - Payments, Transaction Processing and Cashiering Teams.
Lots of mergers like Republic National Bank of NY/CCF/BBME

* Jun 1996 - Jan 2015 - M94 Manager
Group Private Banking, 78 St James’s Street London - Running 3 teams up to 17 staff - Payments/Signatures/ Finance Invoices/Cheques/ Account Opening/ Event Management!

*Feb 2015 - Feb 2020 Manager Comms/Policy,Global Commercial Banking, Chief Control Office 8CS L37- looking after the business risk and control framework, working with the regions and countries across 52 markets/Governance & Administration of the CMB FIM/Training.

Wow what a journey it has been and how much banking has changed..... I’m definitely part of the 150 year history of the bank!

I am looking forward to downing tools but will miss the people!

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