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Bill Gibbins

October 2020

So after 44 years and a few weeks, it’s time to see what there is in the world outside of the bank. From Southwark Park Road in 1976 to Jersey in 2020, via Fleet Street and Tooting Broadway in between, it’s been great.

Met so many people and made so many friends but it’s time to go. So, to anyone reading this who I have worked with, thanks, and here’s to retirement.

Best wishes.


Angie Sawyer

23 October 2020


On Friday 23 October 2020 Angie Sawyer retired from HSBC/Midland after 31 years nine months at the tender age of 69.

I’m sure there are plenty of stories of Angie’s commitment and I would like you to all to wish Angie the best in the future and add to my recognition of her dedicated service in work.

I worked with Angie over many years mainly in Coventry and remember Angie always on the go looking for jobs to do which some of us would not necessarily thinks of doing looking after us.

Join with me and wish her all the best in the future, another legend has gone.

Enjoy your retirement Angie.

A new chapter begins.

Lyn Daly


Well, after working full time for 42 years I have decided to retire.

I finish at the end of November and will be going off into the sunrise of the next phase of my life with Jim Daly by my side.

Bring it on

Tim Jackson

30 September 2020


Tim Jackson MPM at Crawley is retiring today after 43 years service.

He isn’t on Facebook, but thought everyone would like to know.

Fiona Riley

30 September 2020

Hi Martin

Thank you very much for forwarding the newsletter.

It is good timing as I will be retiring from HSBC on 30th September this year, after 32 years 9 months service.

It will be quite strange and unusual in that I am having a small Zoom retirement leaving ‘do’ due to Covid-19 but I am hoping to meet up with current and ex colleagues in 2021 for a proper face to face goodbye.

Kind Regards


Simon Warriner

31 August 2020


On the 31st August my dear husband Simon Warriner retires after completing 41 years service with the bank.

As you can imagine there has been so many changes in that time but he is still very proud to have been given the experience but now very much looking forward to spending more time on the golf course.

Karen Libby

31 July 2020

Good Afternoon Martin

My colleague Karen Libby is Retiring from HSBC tomorrow (Friday 31st July 2020) after 30 years Service.

Please send her all our best wishes from her friends and colleagues at Loughborough Branch.

We wish her a long, healthy and happy retirement.

Sue Bowey

Martin Lunt

31 July 2020

Hi Martin

I wonder if you could add a post to the Hsbc/Midland group for my husband Martin Lunt who retires this Friday after almost 42 years service.

He joined October 1978. He will be surprised as his retirement has ended up quite flat after working at home for several months due to covid - thank you in advance kind regards.

Martin worked at Carlisle, Manchester, Leeds, Preston Blackpool and Winsford.

Hayley Lunt

Richard Bradshaw

12 July 2020

Message kindly shared by Phil Dell

Please join me congratulating Richard Bradshaw on his retirement today.

Well done for 40+ exemplary service.

Enjoy the rest and the next chapter in your life - time to dig out the golf clubs!!

Sue Barker

11 July 2020

Yesterday was my last day working for HSBC.

After a total of 35 years I have handed my keys in and left the building.

Started in New Street as a Head office trainee in Sept 1977 as Susan Nash Then Selly Oak in 1980 for 7 years .

Rejoined after children in 1994 to Bromsgrove Branch where I was still the end.

Wow have we seen some changes most good but a few I did not quite understand. I have meet some brilliant work mates and customers.

Now to Chill and turn off the 7am alarm.

Sue Barker

Deb Shellis

29 May 2020


Could you post a little mention to Deb Shellis who left Solihull branch today after 41 years of service.

Deb has worked all over the Birmingham area, she will be missed by so many.

A little ray of sunshine every single day.

Many thanks.

Michelle Hughes

Heather Finn

29 May 2020

I am very sad to say that Friday will be my last day working for HSBC as I am being made redundant from my role as Premier Service Coordinator.

I joined HSBC when it was Midland back in 1978 at Sittingbourne Branch and will be leaving after almost 42 years.

I will miss my friends and colleagues so much and really didn’t want to leave yet. I am sure I will find happiness with life after HSBC.

Lots of Love

Heather Finn xx

Sarah Hill

29 May 2020

I finish Friday 29th also after 42.5 years service.

Alison Carhart

29 May 2020

I'm finishing the 29th May after 37 years x

Carole Knibbs

28 May 2020

Sadly I am officially leaving HSBC on Thursday after being made redundant from my Current role as Premier centre co-ordinator.

I joined Midland Bank in January 1980 and have many many happy memories from the 40 years service....

I have to say I used to visualise myself there until I’m 70 plus!

I’m going to extremely miss all my friends & colleagues however I’ll be able to keep in touch with this site thank goodness.

Denise O’Connor

28 May 2020

Post shared by Kath Liddiard with the kind assistance of Barbara Belward.

Denise O’Connor 41 yrs service, retires today.

What an achievement!

Worked at Port Talbot.

Had a little party in the branch to celebrate, socially distancing of course!

Gill Goacher

27 May 2020

I finish weds 27th after 39 years 11 months x

Sian Bright

27 May 2020

I still work for HSBC but will be finishing on the 27th of May after 36 years.

June Potter

20 May 2020

I officially left HSBC Bank on Wednesday after being made redundant- l joined Midland Bank in January 1985 and have many many happy memories from the 35 years service....

l managed to take a couple of photos from our staff notice board of Midland Bank Malvern, who in the latter of 1965 was going through branch improvements!

The second picture is of the Colwall branch which was approximately 5 miles from Malvern, such a small branch that in 1992 (when l was pregnant with my first child) it was run by just one staff member and a security guard!

We only opened until lunchtime and had to take the Remittance back to the main branch.


Graham Morris

20 April 2020



I'd like to wish Graham Morris of Coventry Commercial a long and happy retirement.

Graham joined Midland Southam branch August 1975!

We all miss him already xx

Bal Nanray

29 February 2020

On 28th August 1979, I walked into Midland Bank, Laurence Pountney Hill, 40 years ago for an interview and was offered the job on the spot, no references and they said you can bring your exam certificates in later!

*Aug 1979- July 1982 - Clerk, Clearing Department Mariner House & Coopers Row (manual cheques/Access Bill Encoding/town clearing at St Martins Lane)

*Aug 1982- May 1989 - Senior Clerk, Head Office Poultry and Princes Street.
Cashiering/ Draft Reconciliations/EFT codewords.

* Jun 1989 - April 1992 Supervisor Midland Private Banking, Stanhope Mayfair, Cashiering/ Fixed Deposit Account Opening/ Dealing/ Transaction Processing and various other tasks!

* May 1992 - May 1996 Manager (1st appointment M93), HSBC Investment Bank, Hill St Mayfair - Managing a team of 6 - Payments, Transaction Processing and Cashiering Teams.
Lots of mergers like Republic National Bank of NY/CCF/BBME

* Jun 1996 - Jan 2015 - M94 Manager
Group Private Banking, 78 St James’s Street London - Running 3 teams up to 17 staff - Payments/Signatures/ Finance Invoices/Cheques/ Account Opening/ Event Management!

*Feb 2015 - Feb 2020 Manager Comms/Policy,Global Commercial Banking, Chief Control Office 8CS L37- looking after the business risk and control framework, working with the regions and countries across 52 markets/Governance & Administration of the CMB FIM/Training.

Wow what a journey it has been and how much banking has changed..... I’m definitely part of the 150 year history of the bank!

I am looking forward to downing tools but will miss the people!

Sally Wright

28 February 2020

Well today I left Gloucester after 40 years & 6 months with HSBC/Midland. Alarm clock now off & looking forward to a life that doesn’t revolve around work & more around what I want to do when I want to do it.

Can’t wait.

Alison Muston

19 February 2020

I had an amazing redundancy/retirement lunch yesterday.

Thoroughly spoilt with lots of lovely pressies/cards and very kind words.

Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to join me.

After nearly 40 years with the bank I leave with lots of great memories from my time working in Leicester, Coventry and Birmingham.

Thank you. Alison Muston (nee Cooke)

Sue Moxham Jones

13 February 2020

One of my bank best friends retired last week, the day after her 50th Birthday!

So we had to celebrate with a shopping trip.

We also found out that John Lewis stylist service is free as are the drinks they provide.

We could have opted for tea, coffee, orange juice and water, however when a girl is offered Prosecco it’s rude to refuse, isn’t it??

Recommend the service it was such good fun....

David Buckee

February 2020


After 40 years service for HSBC, Mr David Buckee is calling it a day.

Happy Retirement to one of the most respected guys in HSBC.


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