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Sara Chetwood Smith

Hi all.

My mum worked at P&P, coopers Row and Mariner House back in the 60’s. Her name was Valerie Leigh. Her closest friends were Eileen and Frannie who were sisters.

Just wondering if anyone remembers them. Life is difficult for mum at the moment and anyone with happy memories or remembering her would cheer her no end!! TIA xx

Linda Tasker

Anyone out there from Watford high street ?

Late 60s early 70s ?

I was Linda Howarth when I worked there. Xx

Di Dewhurst

Anyone out there from 47 Market Street, Cloth Hall Street or Bradford Ops Centre.

Just to add Market Street 1968 to 1977 CHS 1977 to 1979 Bradford Ops 1979 to 1981.

Chris Bourne

Trying to trace anyone who worked at smethwick high street 402404 from 1980 onwards.

Julie Rogers

Here is a list of branches I have worked at, Holloway Road around 1978, harringay, 1979, Tottenham 1985, harringay 1987, Enfield town 1988 dates are approx.

My maiden name was price any one out there remembers me would be nice to hear from you

Patricia Murphy

Did anyone work at Queen's Road Bristol from 1969 - 1971 & Westbury-on-Trym Bristol from 1971?

My maiden name was Chandler, would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Janet Gregg


Thanks for accepting me in your group My maiden name was Powell and I worked in Mark Lane branch in London between 1974 -1983 as the Manager David Hearn's secretary towards the latter part and wondered if there is anyone in this group who remembers those times.

Sue Timcke

I worked at Bishopsgate branch near London's Liverpool Street from 1975 and was the manager's secretary (Greg Denbigh). Moved to Threadneedle Street, then on to the clerical side at various branches - Cannon Street, Mariner House etc finally ending up at Canary Wharf where I got made redundant/retired in 2009.

My maiden name was Fowler. Anyone else on here who I may have worked with in the early years?

Margaret Weaver


I’ve just joined this group. I worked in Walham Green, 22 Victoria Street, Knightsbridge, 281 Chiswick High Road, and Acton Town between 1968 and 76.

I was Margaret Morgan then Stratford. Anyone at those branches in that time?

Mandy Hutchinson


I have just joined the group and wondered if there is any one from midland 10 Newgate Street EC1 from 80-81 in the group.

I was Mandy Cone then. Would be good to hear from any of you.

Rae Burgin

Are there anyone from Clearing at Barclays HH St Swithins or Midland/HSBC at Park Street??

Lindsay Cullen

I would like to get in touch with any staff who worked at Midland Bank 42 Grey Street Newcastle upon Tyne between 1968 and 1978.

Ashik Unadkat

Does anyone know the following Joanne Sholl or Angela Knowles.

They used to work with me at Midland Bank, South Woodford Branch, Electric Parade, E18 around 1989 - 1993.

It would be good to catch up for old times sake.

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