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Kindly shared by Ray Berriff

Dear Martin,

Thanks for your email and newsletter.

I played cricket for Midland Bank in seasons 1969 / 1974. Mainly in the Sunday 2nd X1 at Beckenham.

I’m happy to help Paul with anything I can remember. When I first joined I attended the mid-week indoor net. We had Mike Willett to coach us. He was a retired Surrey county capped player. He was very helpful to me.

During my playing time there was a book produced by the Bank called something like The history of Midland Bank Cricket. I did have a copy but I’ve moved several times over the years so I suspect it won’t be in my loft anymore.

The first season of the 40 Over League (John Player) was in 1968 I think. We hosted one of Kent’s first home games. It was remembered that it rained and the umpires didn’t know the rules and kept going into the Pavilion to phone Lords for instructions. Obviously Duckworth / Lewis had not been thought of then!

I have found a report from the South London Press in July 1969. This was the Sunday 2nds. I had the distinction of being 0 not out in a heavy defeat. I think this was the only time I ever saw one of out matches reported in the local press.

Best wishes.

Ray Berriff

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