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Kindly shared by Martin Ridley

Anne and I took a trip to the O2 tonight to see a couple of her favourite bands, Within Temptation and Evanescence. She even got to wear her black lipstick at last.

A great night out but what’s that got to do with Midland Bank/HSBC I hear you say.

Well, as we dashed through Green Park, we got to see a former colleague of mine from Knightsbridge 40-04-10.

The one and only Mr Noel Davis!

One of the nicest people you could ever meet and it was an absolute pleasure to see him again.

We only had a brief chat prior to our trip to the O2 but we got to spend a little longer with him on the return leg of our journey.

Noel also worked at Balham, Sloane Square and Brompton Road branches before following Jonathan Madden and myself to London Underground.

Great catching up!

Took a photo of 8CS which was in the distance as we headed to the O2.

In a separate note of interest in our current line of work, it was great to see the @allontheboard message that our friends Jeremy and Ian had arranged for the bands.

We got to say hello to Jeremy who had his work cut out for him in fixing a Wide Aisled Gate as North Greenwich became a little bit busy.

Happy days!



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