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Kindly shared by Bob Knox

On Tuesday I visited my old branch at Eastbourne which apparently has just been refurbished internally and externally.

I worked there from 1979 - 1982 as the Senior Assistant Manager to Mike Ashton the branch and then Area Manager. There were 76 staff on 4 floors including the basement.

Mike used to have dialysis twice a week at home which meant I had greater responsibilities than usual including attending Area Managers courses in his place. I was just 34.

Whilst in Eastbourne I was secretary of both Rotoract and Round Table and was local President of the Institute Bankers. My guest speaker at the annual dinner at the Grand Hotel was the then President of the CBI who were holding their annual conference in the town.

We still have great memories of our time there. It was where our twin sons were born and our daughter went to her first school.

Our bank account is still there!!

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