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Appreciating the service of Sue Gale

September 1969 I started at Midland Bank due to moving the following month I started at Training branch in Holborn and a month long waste clerk course on the penultimate day I travelled there from Surrey and at end of day to new family home in Essex.

The following Monday I started at Hornchurch branch during that time the branch relocated to new premises I later transferred to Upminster.

After 12 years resigning when my second child was born I then rejoined HSBC in 1998 at Brentwood, a brief 9month stint at Barkingside then happy times at Gidea Park which closed March 2016.

Transferred to Romford then resigned/retired May 2016 in effect was constructive dismissal. couldn’t face fighting.

Best thing I ever did happily have been running Nanny daycare.

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