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Appreciating the service of Richard Hunt


Today, 14 November, 18 years ago, was my last day at HSBC 8CS30.

It is not a long time by reference to many others who have reported much longer periods of retirement.

However, it is memorable to me because in 5 days my first grandson will be 18, around 6 foot 5 and plays No 4 second row at rugby.

He was but a big bulge on his mother at my retirement party.

Little did I realise I was embarking on a brand-new career of growing up grandchildren (who now number 6, the youngest of whom is just 4).

If we have done our jobs as grandparents well enough, even the little one now has permanent memories of his grandparents’ house and home.

What more can you ask?

(I retired from about here.)

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