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Appreciating the service of Martin Sumpter

3 September 1973

This date in 1973 I started my 4 day induction course before reporting to Enfield Highway branch on the following Friday.

Feeling very nervous I walked up & down Hertford Road in my two tone mohair suit passing the branch several times then I recognised a face I'd seen on some bank advertising his name was Colin Freeman who I believe is sadly no longer with us.

I nervously approached him & explained who I was & we entered the branch together where I was welcomed by the messenger Charlie Froggatt with a cup of tea. Charlie made me feel at home & we quickly became good friends.

I can't recall much of the day as it seemed very busy & there were loads of staff around. However that afternoon I was given the task of encoding cheques which I promptly got on with only to find I had been putting the cheques in the machine the wrong way round & had encoded the back! They let me go early that day!

I must gave done something right though as 42 years later I took early retirement from the same branch having spent the entire time (apart from leaving for Australia for a few months) in the North London area. Most of the time was fairly enjoyable & i made lots of lasting friendships but did not enjoy the last few years & was so happy to leave in the end.

And I don't miss it one bit!


Newsletter 30

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