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Appreciating the service of Jill Davis

Well like a few people recently i can say that on the 17th July 1972 at a tender age i knocked on the door of Horfield Bristol branch and commenced a wonderful journey which i remember with such fondness.

I was a very frightened Shorthand typist and my Manager was the lovely Mr John Loud who i worked for many years followed by Frank Smith, David Patterson and John Jewell.

Oh such fun days it was there and i made such lasting friends.

I then was head hunted to Swindon Old Town as Pa to the Area Manager.

Enough of Secretarial i then worked in College Green then Keynsham in Securities.

Oh those were fun days also with Pete Banfield, Pete Sutton, Fran Cornelius, to name a few.

Sadly i was made redundant from Securities and changed career as an Nvq Assessor but i cherish the memory of my time in Midland.

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