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Appreciating the service of Chris Myers


On 10th September 1998 I walked through reception at Griffin House as a permanent employee of HSBC.

I joined on a graduate intake and really didn't think then how permanent "permanent" would be!

25 years service anniversary today.

Already got these two for 10 and 20, alas the 25yr medal hasn't arrived yet for it's photo op.

HSBC was in the process of unifying it's brand globally in 1998 so in some ways the hexagon and I have both been around the same length of time. And what a lot of change we've both seen!

Above all things, what's kept me here are the people. So to everyone I've met through the years. Cheers!

You're what makes HSBC work.

Who knows what lies ahead of me, how many more years, more people, more changes, more challenges.

But looking forward to it all.



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