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Appreciating the service Carol Phillips

I have been retired for 13 years now and at the time I wasn’t sure how I would cope without the daily dramas of life as a counsellor.

I really missed both staff and customers and in fact quite a few of the customers would stop me in town and ask bank questions.

I decided to sign up for the WRVS to deliver meals on wheels and also to do the free computer courses at my local college.

The following year with some encouragement from the college staff I enrolled for exam course for the ECDL, which I had been going to do at the bank but never had time for.

So I learnt Microsoft Word, Presentations, Spread sheets and at the end of that year I passed at NVQ1 level. I have to say I hadn’t taken an exam for 40 odd years and was thrilled.

After a couple of years the meals on wheels finished and then I became a volunteer at our local theatre.

For those of you who feel a little lost without the bank as I did, look around for opportunities of voluntary work there are plenty out there.

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