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Pension Scheme - Announcement


The Pension Scheme Trustee has published a member newsletter to help keep you up to date with the latest Scheme information.

You can read the newsletter located on the other information tab in the information centre on the futurefocus website

The newsletter was drafted in the early part of Q1 2020 before the recent and escalating crisis arising from the Covid19 pandemic.

The Trustee wanted to confirm that updates for members about the impact of Covid19 on the Scheme will be posted on the Trustee’s website, futurefocus and the Trustee recommends that you review the content on the site before contacting the Scheme’s administrators, Willis Towers Watson.

The Trustee is working closely with the Scheme administrators, who are experiencing an increase in member queries and you may experience a longer call wait time and some delay to your postal or email query.

The Pension Scheme Executive is working remotely and the Q1 Trustee Board meeting has been held via a Video Conference. The Trustee is therefore pleased to confirm that the Business Continuity Plan for the governance and management of the Scheme has been implemented.

As mentioned in the newsletter there are some sophisticated fraudsters engaged in scams designed to trick pension scheme members. The current volatility and uncertainty arising from the Covid19 pandemic is a potentially productive environment for these scammers. The Trustee urges all members to be scam aware as set out on page nine of the newsletter.

If you have any urgent enquiries, or have difficulty accessing the newsletter please:

Telephone: 01737 227575


For most other queries you may be able to find the information you require online via My Pension

The Trustee of the Scheme aims to provide members with helpful, engaging communications.

If you have any feedback you would like to share about how pension communications could be improved, please email the Trustee at

Len Aspell

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