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David Bates



49 years ago today, aged 18 ,after travelling down from Scarborough on the 14:20 train , changing at York , to King’s Cross Station.

I started my working life with Midland Bank , 245 Ealing Road , Alperton ( near Wembley ) . The bank put me up in the Marlborough Hotel ,St John’s Wood and gave me two weeks to find somewhere to live.

Leaving home for the first time was very daunting , particularly moving from a seaside town to the big city.

It was character building and I am glad I did it.

Ken Andrews was manager , Mr Herrick , assistant manager.

I can’t remember all the names of the staff there then but I’ll have a go

Cliff Daldy
Colin Aprhorpe
Steve Widmer
Evie Turnbull
Christine Adams
Frances Fresle
Sheila Balfour
Sandra Jetten
Irene McAllister
John Fowlie
Others who came later
Junior Leroy Briggs
Tommy Liston
Lenny Cohen
Janette Kellythorne
Susan Costello ??
Margaret & Mary Carney
Randall Clements
John Osborne
Melanie Arscott

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