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MBGs Clawback Statement

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Responsive comments from friends and colleagues. 

Helen Ashmore

Explained perfectly, thank you (and Mrs Ridley) for all you do , much appreciated.

Chris Gater

Thank you for all your hard work Martin. It's much appreciated!

Veronica Wastell

Well said & a big thank you Martin for your hard work it is appreciated.

John Oliver

Thank you Martin. You are doing a grand job.

Lilian Jones

Thank you Martin

Donna Abrahams

Thank you your had work is really appreciated

Janet Thomas

Thank you Martin for all your hard work it is much appreciated

Pam Sheard

Thank you Martin

Sue Hughes

Very much agree with Maria Hipkiss - a big thank you

Maria Hipkiss

Well said Martin and we are all truly really grateful for what you do for our Group.

Neil Mackenzie

Thanks Martin - well done.

James Charteris

Thank you Martin , keep up the good work !

Anita Baker

Martin, you are a ⭐️x

Jacky Hunt

Thank you Martin.. you have always been doing a great job to keep us in touch.

June Smith

Thankyou Martin for doing a great job 😊👍🏻

Steve Bradbury

Thank you Martin

Chris Cherriman

Well said Martin. You are doing a great job and have got the balance just right.

The two groups have completely different aims and need to be separate.

Thanks for all you do. MBGs is a great group.

I have to add that the claw back group serves its' members well.

Thanks to the organisers of that group too.

Aaron Reid

I have always said you can’t please everyone, but for the ones you have and will continue to do, thank you.

Sarah George

Thank you Martin

Julian Lees

Thanks Martin ( and your good lady) for all you do.

Your position on this is totally understandable and its good to keep the two groups true to their very distinct aims.

Lis Lowe

Thanks Martin hope you realise how much you are appreciated

Michael Walker

Thank you Martin

Chris Marsh

Thanks Martin for all you do. Love seeing all the nostalgia from years ago. Brings back lots of happy memories.😊

Graham Lillis

Thanks Martin for the most timely and relevant clarification for anyone who needed it.

It's great that you've managed (and want) to keep this network going, I don't know how you find the time.

Thanks for your hard work.

Lorraine Fell

Thanks Martin. We appreciate your considerable time and effort

Michele Duggan

Thank you Martin.

I have been so disappointed to see a number of negative posts about you and the group as I knew you would want to help but do so in a measured way.

Well done.

Carolyn Favell

Thanks Martin for a lot of voluntary hard work

Gary Howorth

Thank you Martin and Mrs R.

You are doing a great job. You did not need to clarify your pension position but I fully understand why you did.

I love this site and enjoy reading bits of my history.

Unfortunately I wish we did not have to have the other site but it is also doing a useful job.

I'm not sure where it will all end. I received my letter today so need to settle down with a drink to digest it!

Once again thanks for what you are doing and please keep going!​

Linda Pratley

Thanks again Martin 😃

Samantha Venables

Thank you Martin we all appreciate what you do and the time you spend on the groups which is completely voluntary.

You do a fantastic job.

Sandra Mountford

Thanks Martin. Beautifully put.

Janet Dowsett

Well said, and thank you for all the time and effort you put into keeping this site a happy and friendly one😀👏

Deb Keech

Thanks Martin, just waiting for info to arrive in the post.

Rosalind des Landes

Martin, thank you for taking the time to give us such a full explanation.

Thank you also for your hard work and dedication to maintaining standards, whilst highlighting important events to do with Clawback. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Teresa Carter

Thanks Martin, a post with a link to the Clawback group is all that is needed just to inform people about it's existance, with so many new people joing your Griffins group all the time, think a new post will be great for all the new members.

I agree nostalgia and Clawback should be kept totally separate, I have regularly commented on your group and love it.

Neil Oliver

Many thanks, Martin, for all that you do on behalf of everyone 😃👍

Linda Taylor

Thank you and agree the importance of keeping this issue seperate

Linda Wilkes

Thank you Martin

Alison Fairhurst

Thanks, Martin. I'm grateful that you're able to keep the spirit of the MBG group and also signpost this group for those affected by clawback.

Thanks for all your hard work and please thank Mrs R for her patience!

Eunice Cunningham

Thank you for your work trying to maintain standards whilst highlighting important events to do with Clawback.

As you say the group was not set up for Clawback.

I’ll continue to enjoy the nostalgic group & support Clawback

Ann Savin

Thank you Martin, I know you are sometimes put in difficult situations and have to remain impartial when policing the sites, keep up the good work, it's not an easy job your doing especially as both sites are so busy, thanks again

Ian Smith

Well said Martin it is sad to see how an enjoyable part of our working lives is carrying such negative comment regarding the clawback.

Peter Clare

Good man Martin... That makes it absolutely clear.

Thank you for all you are doing... Great job.

PS... Thanks to Mrs Ridley too 😘

Deborah Fitzgerald

Thank you Martin

Christine Picciano

After celebrating 40 years continued service with the bank yesterday, I am reminded I don’t have many people who can reminisce with me at work anymore, so I love the fact that people take the time and make the effort to use social media to reminisce 😃

I remember walking into 22 West Street Dunstable on 30th Jan 1978 and seeing you there Caroline Rose !

Julie Lucas

Thank you Martin, appreciate the time and effort you put into the site.

Erica Simmonds

Well explained, thank you

Judith Sykes

You are doing brilliant work Martin thank you for all your hard work it is really appreciated x

Kathryn Pinder

Thanks, Martin Ridley - very nicely explained. MBGs is spoilt whenever anyone gets personal or anti-HSBC.

I too have found colleagues on the site and had fun reminiscing on various topics (how 'sad' it is that we can remember a/c numbers😅), which is how it should be.

I'm sure many of us will have individual issues from our working days, but MBGs is not the place to air them. Having said that, clawback & GMP are very serious and life-affecting matters which all staff need to be aware of as many of us will be affected by one or the other - hopefully not both.

Keep up your excellent work!!

Gillian Senior

Many thanks Martin for keeping us all informed. I think we all understand the situation you find yourself in.

Barry Winrow

Well explained Martin and this clarifies so much. Hopefully this will stop any adverse comments but still direct people affected to the Clawback site. Great job.👍

Andy Moore

Thank you

Sue Rose

Thank you Martin and also to your wife for her patience and understanding for all the hours you have put into this site

Avril Hill

Thank you Martin you do a great job & keeping us informed.Very much appreciated.

Caroline Rose

Thank you Martin

Julie Sharpe

Thank you Martin for all you do .... much appreciated 👍

Haf Leonard

Thank you Martin for all your hard work.

Sue McGregor

Thank you Martin. I love the reminiscing which wouldn't happen without your dedication. Thank you also for your eloquent explanation.

Jane Hawley

Thanks for everything you do Martin (and for your wife’s patience), it is appreciated

Helen Arundell

It is important that the two Facebook groups operate separately. Thank you Martin

Janie Northam

Great post Martin - a big thank you. The groups can complement one another whilst retaining their individual focus'.

Kevin Mitchelson

Martin - thank you - I agree that the two issues should be kept separate and any issues re clawback etc should be directed to that group - these are two compatible groups but with direct aims and objectives serving different purposes.

Not everyone In this group will be affected by clawback and a degree of separation is appropriate.

I appreciate BOTH groups - keep up the good work, Martin.

Dawn Thomson

Thank you to you and your wife Martin.....excellent group

Julie Hickson

Thanks Martin great post hopefully this will clarify the situation for all members, keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading the posts.

Julie McKendrick

Thanks Martin keep up the good work ! Much appreciated!

Linda Walker

Spot on post Martin, thank you.

Your hard work is very much appreciated by the ex colleagues I still see.

Patricia Saich

Thank you so much for all you do Martin.

Glenda Harber

Thanks for everything you do Martin - it’s much appreciated.

Len Aspell

Excellent post Martin and a heartfelt thank you for the tremendous amount of work you put into running the group and maintaining order.

Geoffrey Gilbert

Excellent post, Martin.

Andrew Millner

Thank you Martin.

Chris Butler

Thank you Martin for all your hard work for this group, it is much appreciated.

Today's clarification of the group's position regarding the Clawback group should help prevent future conflict for you and all the members of both groups.


Stephanie Geraghty

Keep up the very good work Martin and thank you for the clarification.

I hope everyone, whether affected by claw back or not, reads this and appreciates your comments.

Anita Baker

Thank you Martin for your past and continuing support of our colleagues on both FB sites x

Peter Silvester

Thank you Martin , for the background information and your support

Neil Andrade

Good man 

Barbara Belward

Thanks Martin, love this site, keep up the great work please.

Jan Stanley

Thank you Martin. You do a great job on a very busy site.

As the admin for a large community Facebook page, I know how much personal and family time it eats into.

Jacqueline Planner

Well said Martin Ridley we are lucky to have you and your have and continue to do a fantastic job for our group with huge appreciation.

Thx also to your dear wife for allowing you the time.

Mollie Jones

Thank you Martin.

Debbie Mullin

Well said Beverley and thank you Martin you’re a star xx

Paul Tompkins

Absolutely. Cannot say more.

Beverley Horler 

Martin - you have done an absolutely amazing and outstanding job for all of us current and past of HSBC and Midland. You are a true ambassador, and in your own personal voluntary time maintain a lifeline for many colleagues to share their stories and connections.

We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful individual who works full time for another Company, Yet you dedicate hours and hours of any spare time to support us all.



Sarah Atkinson

Martin. Thank you for your post and all the work you do. It is not a role I would relish.

It has been nice to re connect with colleague's through your site.

Yvonne Cole 

Thank you Martin

Pat Cant

I echo those comments - thanks so much!

Gill Nolan

Many thanks for your support is very much appreciated.

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