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Peter Ashford


I started at the Blackboy Hill branch, Clifton, Bristol in Sep 1967, straight out of school; the manager was John Forte.

My Mentor was a lovely lady called Kathleen Sampson, who looked after me very well, and helped me with a very steep learning curve.

After 3 months I was moved to the Brislington Trading Estate branch, which was very much a corporate branch dealing with a lot of businesses and every day we had a million cheques to process.

That's where I was promoted to a cashier role, and of course whenever we had an imbalance at 4pm, we had to stay til we got it right and the books balanced.

Often got home late for dinner!!

After about 3 months, I was transferred to the main Corn St branch, and almost immediately was sent to the Broadmead Sub-branch.

It was while working there that I left the bank to work for a travel company, and 54 years later I'm still working, and delivering training courses to foreign students.

The area GM at that time was Mr Adrian Wood, and he tried hard to keep me employed at the Midland, but my sights were set on a different career.

One thing the bank taught me in its general training and operations was to finish the day's work at the end of the day, so as not to leave things til tomorrow, if you can possibly help it. I still work to that principle.

At the Brislington Trading Estate branch there were Mr Roach, the GM, Owen Boxall the 2nd Officer, and 2 lovely ladies, Jane and Carol.

I really enjoyed working there and was quite sad to leave and move to the city.

Would be great to re-connect with them.

Thanks for reading my Midland work history, albeit quite short; will look forward to the next!!

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