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Laurence Cunnington


I joined the bank 40 years ago today on an induction course in Birmingham before starting work at Ashby de la Zouch branch 40-08-31 the following week.

My career only lasted 15 years but I learnt a lot and some of it remains useful - I still find myself diarising things quarterly, and I never go overdrawn! Old habits die hard.

I worked in Ashby, Leicester, Birmingham, and Leeds. All the branches and offices I worked at have closed - apart from Ashby, of which I have some very happy memories. Last time I popped in there, I think there were four staff - when I started I signed on as number 20 in the book!

This group has been great for reconnecting with people I hadn't seen in decades so 'thank you' to the admins for all the work that goes into it.

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