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Appreciating Previous Service

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Peter Clare

20 OCTOBER 1975

Forty five years ago today I joined Midland Bank... Employed by Reg Gilbert the District Staff Superintendent (I still see Reg he is now 95 years old).

I reported for duty at London Road or was it Norton Street or Liverpool Area Branch Liverpool.

Despite all the names it was the same place!.

I was sent down to the sub basement and the first person I spoke to was Derek Reynolds... The rest is history... What a fantastic and varied career I had and what fantastic people I met in my 37 years with the bank...

Happy days!

Margaret Rodaway

12 OCTOBER 1971

49 years ago I walked up to those huge wooden doors at 381 Harrow Road.

The best move ever. X

Gareth Roberts

After 38 years and 10 months I retired from Midland Bank (thats who we are) 8 years ago today.

Life has been good in work and in retirement.

Bernadette Tucker


Joined Baldwin Street on September 7th 1977. Had a great time, lovely bunch of staff, some of which are still friends!!

John Elliott


40 years ago today I began my career in York.

Experienced some wonderful times and some not so good before taking early retirement/ redundancy after 37 years in 2017.

I must admit that I wasnt really enjoying my job by the time I left but am now working part time for the Leeds Building society and loving life!!

Andrew Chapman


I started work with Midland at their Dewsbury branch in 6 Sept 1982. I took voluntary redundancy in Sept 2012.

I worked mainly in West and North Yorkshire and had a 4 year secondment to Jersey.

My father was Area Manager in Dewsbury from around 1985, i left in 1985ish and moved to Wakefield.

He then became Area Manager West Yorkshire when the office moved across to Euroway.

Sharen Hassall


19 September 1977 - Chester branch as a shy 16 year old straight from school.

I spent 9 happy years there making some lifelong friends who I’ve been able to reconnect with having moved back to Chester four years ago.

From Chester I transferred to Acocks Green Branch, Birmingham in June 1986 & moved to Bennett’s Hill Area Office in April 1990.

I joined Midlands DMC the following year working in Personnel until HR Connect was set up in Hemel Hempstead & I became part of the HRBP team reporting into Canada Square.

For the remainder of my time with HSBC I worked in various roles within HR, based at an office in Birmingham but travelling to Canada Square every week as part of the Graduate Recruitment team & latterly as PA to the Senior HRBP.

In August 2009, after 32 years service, I was made redundant (working in HR was no protection from this fate!!).

I have many fond memories of my time with HSBC & through Horizons I have been able to track what has happened to a number of people I had lost touch with so thank you Martin for all the hours you put in on making this site so successful.

Clive Hunt


I started in the bank on the 9 September 1974 straight from school aged 16.

My first branch was Clapham Junction 40-02-16 where I was put on 2nd Waste cancelling and encoding a very famous mail order company’s cheques.

I also had to take the cash for the company’s monthly salaries down to the firm on the old style bullion van with one of the messengers.

Happy memories.

Nannette Craven


When I first started as a remittance clerk I was sent to Clifton in Bristol on a training course.

That was in 1972.

Laurence Cunnington

26 AUGUST 1980

I joined the bank 40 years ago today on an induction course in Birmingham before starting work at Ashby de la Zouch branch 40-08-31 the following week.

My career only lasted 15 years but I learnt a lot and some of it remains useful - I still find myself diarising things quarterly, and I never go overdrawn! Old habits die hard.

I worked in Ashby, Leicester, Birmingham, and Leeds. All the branches and offices I worked at have closed - apart from Ashby, of which I have some very happy memories. Last time I popped in there, I think there were four staff - when I started I signed on as number 20 in the book!

This group has been great for reconnecting with people I hadn't seen in decades so 'thank you' to the admins for all the work that goes into it.

Julie Tinworth


I started in the Bank on the 29th September 1975 age 16 at Card Services Cash Card department in offices over Stratford Branch E15 London, we were there for a year then our department moved to Worship Street EC2A London.

I went on secondment to Motability Finance was there for six months then went on maternity leave.

1984 went back to work at Midland Bank Trust Company Old Broad Street London, from there we moved to Old Jewry Street London, from there we moved to Suffolk House Laurence Poultney Hill London and over the road in Norfolk House, from there we moved to Mariner House Pepys Street London and then finally after a number of name changes to HSBC Global Investor Services 29 floor 8 Canada Square Canary Wharf.

On the 30 September 2009 after 34 years I took my pension and redundancy.

Steve Smith

31 JULY 1973

I started work for Midland Bank on 31 July 1973 at Wood Green, North London straight from school.

My dad took me out the weekend before to get my long hair cut and buy me a suit as I didn’t own one.

My first duty was to make coffee/tea for everyone.

I did 39 years in the bank.

Ian Hine

22 AUGUST 1977

Started 22 August 1977 at Bognor Regis High Street. Left in March 1999 with a redundancy package while working at HSBC Financial Services (MPFS as was).

In between it was Chichester, Petersfield, Jersey Hill Street, Andover and Basingstoke.

First day memory was being given the keys to the stationery cupboard and having to help someone with a cash analysis. Great memories of branch banking.

Lorraine Fell

22 AUGUST 1977

August 22nd 1977. Started at Aigburth Road straight from school at sweet 16.

First 2 weeks was at training branch in old hall street jm centre 13th floor.

I loved every minute of my time at Midland/HSBC.

Rosemary Edgington

1 JULY 1974

Hi Martin,

I started at 199 Kings Road, Reading on 1st July 1974 having completed my induction course at Holborn Training Branch.

My first job in the branch was to count all the cheque books.

I later worked at Wokingham, Woodley, Broad Street Reading, Maidenhead, Dedworth Road Windsor, Reading Area Office, Thames Valley Area Office at Botley Oxford and retired from Basingstoke on 31st May 2017.


Rosemary Edgington was known as Rose Freeman or Rose Edgington.

Peter Ashford


I started at the Blackboy Hill branch, Clifton, Bristol in Sep 1967, straight out of school; the manager was John Forte.

My Mentor was a lovely lady called Kathleen Sampson, who looked after me very well, and helped me with a very steep learning curve.

After 3 months I was moved to the Brislington Trading Estate branch, which was very much a corporate branch dealing with a lot of businesses and every day we had a million cheques to process.

That's where I was promoted to a cashier role, and of course whenever we had an imbalance at 4pm, we had to stay til we got it right and the books balanced.

Often got home late for dinner!!

After about 3 months, I was transferred to the main Corn St branch, and almost immediately was sent to the Broadmead Sub-branch.

It was while working there that I left the bank to work for a travel company, and 54 years later I'm still working, and delivering training courses to foreign students.

The area GM at that time was Mr Adrian Wood, and he tried hard to keep me employed at the Midland, but my sights were set on a different career.

One thing the bank taught me in its general training and operations was to finish the day's work at the end of the day, so as not to leave things til tomorrow, if you can possibly help it. I still work to that principle.

At the Brislington Trading Estate branch there were Mr Roach, the GM, Owen Boxall the 2nd Officer, and 2 lovely ladies, Jane and Carol.

I really enjoyed working there and was quite sad to leave and move to the city.

Would be great to re-connect with them.

Thanks for reading my Midland work history, albeit quite short; will look forward to the next!!

Gary Howorth

2 JULY 1979

41 years ago I stood at a big wooden door outside Midland Bank, Wellington, Shropshire.

The door was opened by Mr Mansfield, the accountant.

He said 'You must be Howorth, better come in then'.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Cynthia Wilson

1 AUGUST 1963

This week saw the 57th anniversary of when I started working for Midland Bank.

I was at Wednesbury Branch. 16 years old!!!!

I've been retired for 13 years now and its amazing how things have changed in banking since I left.

Was it me that caused the queues at the counter? Haha

Diane Bowen

3 AUGUST 1970

50 years ago today I rang the bell at Normanton Road Derby branch.

Golly gosh!

Val Botfield

7 AUGUST 1973

I joined Midland Bank on this day in 1973 after my induction at Summer Row, Birmingham I started at 40 44 17 Owen Street, Tipton!

I also worked at Great Bridge, then relief staff with base branches being Wednesbury and Oldbury.

I finished at High St, West Bromwich in 1989 after the birth of my eldest son. Sadly no job shares then so I did not have the opportunity to return.

Happy days and many friends to this day x

Carole Ellis

10 AUGUST 1970

50 years ago today I started working at Victoria Street,Nottingham.
Retired from Newark branch last October.

Vicky Marshall

11 AUGUST 1969

This day 1969 rang nervously the bell at my first branch in Netherfield, few ups and downs along the way, but called it a day at Braintree in 2017.

Patricia Winfield

17 AUGUST 1970

50 years ago today, I walked through the doors of Poultry & Princes Street Branch and joined the Midland Family.

I met lots of characters during the 32 years that I spent there.

Karen Reedman

17 AUGUST 1970

50 years ago today I pulled the bell at 31 Granby Street Leicester.

I was number 126 in the signing on book (my name then began with a W) seems incredible now to have so many staff in one branch.

Retired from Trade Services(Leicester) in 2012 after 34 years service with a couple of children breaks along the way.

Julia Baker

24 AUGUST 1964

Today 24th August 1964, I reported to 56 High Street, Erdington, Birmingham to commence my Midland Bank career.

Mr Wilkinson was the Manager and Mr Butcher the Accountant, scary stuff.

38 years later I said cheerio!!

Kevin Sims


45 years ago today I started my employment with Midland Bank, reporting at Southampton Training Branch and then, the following Monday, to Woolston, Southampton branch.

I moved to Shirley, Southampton three years later and then to Midland Bank Trust Company Swansea for two years, followed by Trust Co, Kingsway, London then Trust Co, Corporate Services in Old Broad Street, London.

That eventually morphed into Midland Securities Services and moved to Old Jewry, London, then to Suffolk House and eventually to Mariner House.

Apart from a brief spell back at Trust Co, Enfield and a privileged two year secondment to the London Stock Exchange, I stayed at Midland Securities Services, which then became HSBC Securities Services and escaped in 1999 to run my own business.

I am grateful for the very varied roles and locations presented to me during my time with the bank.

Janis Chandler


1 September 1975 I started work at Midland Bank.

Worked at Wimbledon Broadway branch for 12 years. Went on maternity leave and didn’t return.

Happy memories.

Surname was Neale then

Jackie E C Leadley


40 years ago today I caught the train from Scarborough to Leeds to start my 2 week induction course with midland bank at training branch forward 35 years, I left York Commercial to walk a different path...

Too many names to mention, but my closest friends remain the ones I made during those crazy 35 know who you are..

Barbara O’Connor


August 1965 first day at Battersea Rise branch.

Mike Sweeney, John Jones, Gee Young, Barbara Hawkins, June Colton and Patrick McGlinchey other names escape me.

Richard Larder

10 AUGUST 1970

It was 50 years ago (10th August 1970 ) when I joined the Bank at Victory Road ,Derby and I retired in December 2011 after forty one and a half year's service.

It was good to hear that Derek Moulding is still going strong in the Bank.

I worked with him at St. Peter's Street, Derby many years ago!

Please give him my Best Wishes!

Roger Marson

26 AUGUST 1980

40 years ago right now, i was on the train from Hull to Leeds to start my induction course at Leeds training centre at the start of what turned out to be a wonderful 37 year career at Midland Bank/HSBC, retiring at the end of 2017.

I got to travel all over the world and meet loads of interesting people in that time. I look on (most of!) those 37 years with great fondness.

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