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Suzanne Whitehead


I joined Midland Bank 30 years ago at New Milton today !

I remember it causing a bit of a commotion as I had previously worked for Lloyd's and whilst I started back on Rem because I was experienced I quickly made it to the counter leapfrogging some of the other Rem clerks to the position.

There was a strict hierarchical code in those days and it ruffled a few feathers !

I talked to the customers too much and whilst the wealth team loved it because I was always booking them appointments my till never balanced !

My manager at the time however spotted potential pulled me to one side and said I think you would be better in a customer facing role rather than on the counter and my career in wealth was born!

Been in various roles since then and loved my Wealth journey through the bank.

Not bad considering I was only staying for a year !

Suzanne Whitehead
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